We did it! We found a place! But we need EVERYONE'S HELP getting it up and running! Can we count on YOUR SUPPORT!?!? 
Please check out our giving grid- great way to show off your furry rescue babies, donate an amount for the dogs of Sunnyside, and help us reach our goal... and maybe even get a TShirt, Tote, stepping stone in the Pawllywood Walk of Fame, your name on a paw on the SSSD Safehouse Pallway Paws... or even your name on a kennel in sponsorship! We love you all and thank you for your love and support over the past 5 years!


South Side Street Dogs needs your help! With the constant expense of vetting,boarding, medications, and emergencies,SSSD is forever facing expected and unexpected expenses. Showing your support for our rescue will help us meet these costs so we can help even more. All proceeds go straight to the dogs' care. One t-shirt pays nearly 4 days of boarding, pays 5 rounds of shots, or can feed 60+ street dogs! Shirts will ship Dec 13, approx 2 weeks after campaign ends.